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it’s a pun you stupid beautiful korean achilles

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THE MAZE RUNNER + last lines

How well do you know your co-star?

Anonymous: I think (in my opinion) the group B isn't important to Wes. Maybe he thinks that putting extras for the girls will be enough.

Honestly that’s what I’m getting from it too and it breaks my heart. 

M Y  N A M E  I S   T E R E S A

 ”I’m a tough girl,  I’ll be okay.”

now listen up you little shit i did not just give up my rightful place as queen of the glade and get usurped by shucking eustace so you can have a cute existential crisis okay i am so over this klunk thomas you don’t even know pain let me tell you i wake up every day and have three kinds of hopeless depression cherries on my giant slimy metal slugs are trying to kill me sundae with oh god why is this happening to me sprinkled liberally on top and i still manage to run this town and landscape like a boss and roll my pants up real cute and hold my drink like a mothershucking champ and do i even limp thomas NO because i have better things to do than be a little bitch i am done wasting this perfect feathered hairdo on you losers you are getting us the shuck out of this second grade science project so you better kick your ass into gear before i rip through these bars and give you something to cry about —Newt, The Maze Runner (via mightygayders 


  • A thick, heavily muscled Asian kid folded his arms as he studied Thomas, his tight shirtsleeves rolled up to show off his biceps. pg 6
  • Minho had looked him square in the face for the first time pg 82
  • Minho looked at Thomas carefully. Then, again staring straight in his eyes… pg 82
  • Minho squinted slightly, as if he was studying Thomas. pg 82
  • Minho’s eyes opened wide; he focused on Thomas. pg 83
  • Minho studied him [Thomas] for a second. pg 83

minho “studying” thomas = checking him out like wow for a Keeper minho isn’t very good at Keeping it in his Pants


get to know me: [2/5] Relationships »  Thomas and Brenda

I never expected us to become friends in that hell.

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